Friday, March 27, 2009

don't go,,, please,,,,

the smell of ur skin lingers on me now
u'r probably on ur flight back 2 ur home town
i need some shelter of my own protection
2 b with my self and alone,,,

i hope u know
that this has nothing 2 do with u
it's personal my self and i
i've got some straightening out to do

and i'm gonna miss u like a child misses her blanket
but i've got to get a move on with my life
it's time to be a big gurl now...
but don't leave me now,,,,
tease me....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

under my skin

i cry under my skin,, my tears have gone to d skies n made d rain that falls onto earth n batheses my newly marked pain
No !!!!
forgiveness is my endless bliss
my anger has gone without aim and lost its path
i pray for amends with bounds words
No !!!!
here i go... come back...

my wings have lost their vigor and d days are filled with sin
i'm hailed with fragments of toxic dreams in the down.... there's no light...

thruth is what everyone demands but their faces only show LIES !!!!!
i've been discarded for eternity,,,,
are they looking for me???

be like me...
my heart is filled with growing innocent like a flame burning brightly, like the last radiant sunset waiting for the TWILIGHT....

so ironic...

i never know why...
why i hate this moment
a strangest feeling
comes right thru my heart
maybe a circle of life...
makes me so
something i feel,,
but i cannot explain it
i feel like i'm flying in my imaginary
to reach you....
a thought about
so far....
i don't know where you are
i just,, miss you


don't tell me something.....
keep still in your silent !!!
i don't wanna hear you..
cos i hate you
with every single breath you take

walk out of my life....
i hate you

i swear
i do hate you

Monday, March 16, 2009

it's so ironic...

for me,
figthing something that i dont like....
is just in the same way of wasting my time...........

so i'll never fight the things i don't like
i just leave it out
and get "the NEW ME"

for i ever know ... i love my self 1000% bigger than anything in this world

just keep to think different than ur past
just leave ur past for whatever reason

don't care about yesterday....
going on today.....
dream about tomorrow